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August 8, 2021

 Hi!  I'm Joyce.

So good to have you here!

Let me tell you why I started a blog.  

I was here at our condo making the bed when the Lord told me to start a  blog.  I stood still immediately, knowing I knew zilch / zero / nada / nothing / 0 about blogging.


But . . .

My first blog was May 2018 with Weebly.  An experienced author then convinced me to go to Word Press.  I tried but could not hack it.  I'll blame being in my 70's for that.  Now Wix is my base & I'm using one of their new and beautiful templates.


On this site I have 50 some posts, trying to post 1 x week on Wednesdays.  I recently began going through the Gospel of Matthew.  The picture above shows me holding one of my favorite commentaries by William Barclay.  May I comment that only the Bible is 100% trustworthy, and that we must read books with that in mind. 

I love the Trinity:  God the Father / Jesus, His son / and the precious Holy Spirit.  I was saved in the early 1970's.

I have been happily married to Jerry for 25+ years. When I was younger I survived abuse from a different spouse. In my humble opinion, all families are dysfunctional, just in varying degrees.  After all, the only person ever to walk this earth in perfection was Jesus Christ.

I pray that Scripture will bring healing to anyone who reads this blog just as it has for me. BTW, as a retired Registered Nurse and a retired Local Methodist Pastor, I've been told I am a good listener.  Just sayin' . . .


I am not a scholar.

This is not a political blog.

My current plan is to post once a week.