3 Reasons We All Don't Calm Down and what to do about it


We think we are in the hands of men:

Examples are too many to name them all. It can start in your own home . . you live with someone that seriously gets on your nerves . . you can't stand the way they chew their food, etc. But you are stuck at this time of Covid and are at your wit's end. Perhaps a co-worker is driving you to distraction and makes fun of you behind your back. Or it may be you have a Prodigal child and you love this child beyond measure. (We were or are now all prodigals at one time, running away from God.). I found hope in a sermon a few years ago about the scripture in Luke 15:11-32. See picture below:

The Prodigal Son returns home. (Luke 15:11-32)

The sermon by Dr. Tipton was heard in Florida at the Church Camp. I had heard many sermons through the years on this text, but this message was different. The younger of two sons asks for his share of the father's fortune, goes off and squanders it in wild living. The father is heartbroken and for years doesn't know if his son is alive or dead.

What spoke to me was Dr. Tipton's Principle of Perspective. He called it the Silence of the Wandering Years. He said the father took care of business while the son was gone. He went on with life. The father didn't go on a guilt trip and blame himself, he was not ashamed or depressed, and he did not say he felt like a failure. The father lived from the perspective that "IF MY SON WILL NOT MAKE HIS MARK FOR GOD, I WILL".

The father knew he was in the hands of God.

HEAR THIS ENCOURAGEMENT TODAY: You may have lost loved ones to Covid or it has drastically changed your life and fear threatens to smother the breath out of you.

Go on with life, doing what you know is right and what God wants you to do.

YOU make YOUR mark for God. We are not in the hands of man.

Reason #2

We think we are in the hands of fate, (whatever that is).

What is fate? The dictionary states Fatalism refers to the belief that events fixed by fate are unchangeable by any type of human agency. In other words, humans cannot alter their own fates or the fates of others. I do not believe that. Why, then, does scripture tell us to pray?Neither do I believe in luck. Why not? Because the Bible tells us God is in charge.

Let's look the example of Joseph in the Old Testament. As a child and young man, he was his father's favorite. The father gave Joseph only a coat of many colors. His brothers, however, hated him not only because he was the favorite but they thought he was bragging. They plotted against Joseph, threw him in a well. Then they sold him as a slave to Egypt. They dipped the coat of many colors in an animals blood and told their father he was dead. Look at the triangle below. Read about the ups and downs of Joseph. In the end, we find out God was in charge of Joseph's life all along. The ups and downs were NOT fate / chance / good or bad luck.

a. Joseph is favored by his father and given a coat of many colors.

b. Brothers are jealous, throw him in a pit, then sell him as a slave to Egypt.

c. Joseph is sold to Potiphar and put in charge. Mrs. Potiphar wants to sleep with him.

Joseph runs away but she lies. Joseph goes to prison.

d. God favors Joseph by his becoming the head of the prison and gives him the answer to

Pharaoh's dream.

e. Joseph is appointed as Prime Minister of Egypt and is given an Egyptian wife.

f. Joseph forgives his brothers and saves Egypt from famine.

Genesis 37 - 45. A portion of the life of Joseph in the Old Testament. The triangle represents the Sovereignty of God. No matter how Joseph's life goes up and down, he cannot get out of the Triangle because God is in charge of his life. God had a purpose for him. He saved Egypt from famine.

If you don't know what to pray, simply pray scripture back to the Lord.

If you cannot do that, hold your Bible and say "Lord, I need you now, I need you today".

Some days I have even just said "Help! Help me Lord".

Reason #3

We think we are in the hands of satan.

This woman was pictured as satan in the movie The Passion of the Christ by Mel Gibson.

She scared me. How about you?

In actuality, she is Rosalinda Celentano and is a beautiful woman with classic cheek bones and hair. But in this movie . . wow, scary. In my memory she circled Jesus while he was praying in the garden. That's how I think satan and his minions act against now during times of stress and fear. satan was so real to Martin Luther, it is reported he threw an inkwell at the wall, thinking he was throwing it where satan was.

The scripture to refute this is Luke 22:24-38 and it is about Jesus and Peter.

Jesus is speaking to Peter, telling him that satan has obtained by asking . . permission . . to sift you like wheat. If you are asking permission, you are not in control, are you! satan cannot touch you without God's permission. We are not in the hands of men or fate or satan.

So, especially during the next few days, how can we stop being fearful or worried? The key is what we think about. We must decide if we are going to believe God or our emotions as they are stirred up by current news programs which give educated guesses as to what will happen.

You might be thinking, well I must watch the news to know what is going on. You might tell me, Joyce, I can't think about God or scripture ALL the Time! I have a job. I have responsibilities. I understand that.

Bu are you willing to get up a little earlier and spend some quiet time with God? Can you write a scripture verse on a 3 x 5 card and carry it with you during the day to look at? Can you look at it while sitting on the tractor / at the computer / a stop light / standing at the sink / in line at the grocery / between classes or customers? Could you listen to a Christian radio station or give up 1 T V program to study the word?

The Christian way to solve the problem is not always by removing the thing that hurts us. but by delivering the heart from the grip of the problem. The trouble that caused the weeping is not always by removing the thing that hurts us, but by delivering the heart from the grip of the problem. Please read Philippians 4:6-7 when you are stressed.

Many scholars believe satan and his minions cannot read our minds. Oh, they watch us and listen to our words and remember our actions and find our weak spots. But one thing I know is that they all hate the name of Jesus. But you need to say it out loud since they cannot read our minds. Say "Jesus, Jesus, Jesus" or sing a hymn about Jesus.

Here is a song I pray will bless your heart as it has mine.

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