Jesus knew that the Father had put Him in complete charge of everything, that He came from God and was on His way back to God. So He got up from the supper table, set aside His robe, and put on an apron. Then He poured water into a basin and began to wash the feet of His disciples, drying them with His apron.

John 13:3-5. The Message

Psalm 131 A Pilgrim Song. (Weaning Song / Antidote to Pride / Song of Hope)

GOD, I'm not trying to rule the roost,

I don't want to be king (queen) of the mountain.

I haven't meddled where I have no business

or fantasized grandiose plans.

I've kept my feet on the ground,

I've cultivated a quiet heart.

Like a baby content in its mother's arms,

my soul is a baby content.

Wait, Israel, for GOD. Wait with hope.

Hope now, hope always.

The Message

Is it possible . . to have our soul be like a baby content . . to have our soul be like a weaned child? David said it was. He didn't say . . I hope so . .

PEACE is the first thing to go.

Picture little Johnny. Mommy knows it's time for Johnny to be weaned. Johnny resists - pushes away the sippy cup and pouts or cries. He's grieving for the bottle. Eventually he gives in and climbs back up on the lap he was previously mad toward and accepts the sippy cup along with an animal cracker with icing.

Did Johnny wean himself? no.

Now that he is weaned, is he independent? No, he is still very dependent on Mommy and Daddy.

King David went through many crises with Saul / his family / his kingdom. Did he wean himself? No, God, weaned him. Was he then independent? No, he was still very dependent upon God. God was pleased with David except in the matter of Uriah the Hittite (1 Kings 15:5).

As caregivers, God is weaning us. He has weaned me of some things. But I still need more weaning. Will I then be independent? No, I will always be dependent upon God.

Has God been weaning you? Do you still need more weaning? Will you then be independent? No, you also will always be dependent upon God.

Weaning is somehow tied to pride. My friend Eileen Horsely (who has now passed) told the Lord if she felt prideful "Puff me down, Lord, puff me down". Just as importantly if she was criticized and felt bad she would say "Puff me up, Lord, puff me up".

A verse I learned when I was young:

"Pride goes before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall". Proverbs 16:18

Prayer: Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in Your sight, O Lord, my Rock and my Redeemer. Amen. Psalm 19:14 NIV

Finally, a song by Joni Eareckson (Tada) I am a Servant.

I am a servant, I am listening for my name

I sit here waiting, I've been looking at the game

That I've been playing, I've been staying much the same

When you are lonely, you're the only one to blame.

I am a servant, I am listening for your call

I've been unfaithful, so I sit here in the hall

How can He use me, when I've never given all

How can He choose me, when He knows I quickly fall.

So He feeds my soul and He makes me grow

And He lets me know He loves me

I am worthless now but I've made a vow

I will humbly bow before Thee

Oh, please use me, I am lonely.

I am a servant, getting ready for my part

There's been a change, a rearrangement in my heart

At last I'm learning there's no returning once I start

To live's a privilege, to love is such an art

But I need your help to start - Oh, please purify my heart

I am Your servant. Joni Eareckson Tada

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