Are You, Are You Coming to the Tree?

The Hunger Games. The Mocking Jay.

The Hanging Tree by James Newton Howard

*New Text by Joyce

Are you, are you coming to the Tree? Matthew 11:28

Made into a cross, where Jesus set us free Galatians 5:1

Strange things did happen there, 'twas dark over the land Luke 23:44

The sun refused to shine - the last breath of the Lamb Luke 23:45 *

Before the turn of the century Jerry, my husband, and I were in Florida at the Church Camp in Lakeland. We got up early one morning and went to the nearby Strawberry Festival in time to have strawberry shortcake for breakfast! Yum! Later we walked through the midway where hawkers called to Jerry from both sides, encouraging him to play their games. We walked down the center of the midway, hand in hand, enjoying each other's company.

The hawkers shouted: "Hey, win your sweetie a teddy bear! She can pick out the color she wants!" From the other side, the man in the booth was also yelling: "You have big arms, come over and play here, we have better prizes." They kept it up until we had walked far enough past them. We could still hear them, but kept on walking.

We were not concerned about those men because there is an unwritten law about midways of fairs and festivals. The men behind the booths were not allowed to hop over their counter meant for tuckered elbows or passage of $$, then proceed to grab Jerry's shirt sleeve and drag him back and MAKE him play their game.

Let me apply that to the Christian life. As we are walking down the path of the Christian life, our enemy, satan and his minions can call from the sides of our path just like the men in the booths. They tempt /coax / yell / promise you everything / but they cannot drag you off the narrow path and make you sin.

When we are born again, the Holy Spirit is with you on your path. You can walk hand in hand, enjoying each others company . . looking straight ahead --no need to text Him: He is with us. Let us look straight ahead, keeping our eyes on Jesus.

Are you, are you coming to the tree? Matthew 11:28

Jesus died for you, God will help you see John 3:16

Strange things did happen there, the temple curtain torn Luke 23:45

Jesus knew He was the Lamb slain before the world. Revelation 13:8

Are you, are you coming to the tree? Matthew 11:28

There is a road, but narrow it will be Matthew 7:12

Strange things did happen there, the gate opens to life Matthew 7:14

When you find it you will see, He puts an end to strife. 1 Corinthiuans 3:3

Are you, are you coming to the tree? Matthew 11:28

You won't find a crowd on path to eternity Matthew 7:14

Strange things did happen there, just look straight ahead Hebrews 12:2

Ignore shouts, for quietly by Spirit you'll be led. Romans 8:12-14 **

** For anyone wondering why I borrowed the above tune, please consider the Wesley Brothers Charles and John who took music from the bars and wrote hymns to them. And so I borrowed the song of Katniss and changed the lyrics.

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