Photo by Deposit Photos: Brain Fog. Can you see the dark outline of a face from the side?

It took me some time to realize what they were talking about. I recognized my sister's voice but I didn't know the other voice. I had to literally make my eyes open. I was sitting in a wheel chair! Then it came back . . the outpatient procedure was over and it was time to go home. A staff member was in a discussion with my sister, April. April saw my open eyes and bent down so we were face to face. "Joyce, she said, you were given a MEDICATION for the procedure and they want you to stay overnight". I shook my head NO! I was supposed to go home and I needed to go home! My brain was foggy although in the 1980's I didn't know the term "Brain fog".

I was so full of that MED that I could not talk. I wanted to. But my mouth would not cooperate. The only reason I was allowed to leave was my sister vouched for me. April stated in her determined voice, "she wants to go home and I will stay the night with her".

I don't remember the drive home or even getting into bed. I felt groggy and I hurt. The MED had controlled my thinking / balance / ability to talk and my judgment. It basically shut me down. By morning I was more alert and so very thankful April had been with me. Thank you, my sister! Later she told me I was considered a 'lightweight' meaning I was sensitive to general anesthesia.

Scenario #1. I cannot fill in the blank above with MEDS. I only wanted to sleep.

Deposit Photo of spilled coffee

We have a coffeemaker which will either make a whole pot or one cup at a time. Twice I have set it up to do the latter, then realized my cup was not under the hot stream of brown liquid. I recognized the difference in sound too late. Splashing all over the counter, then doing a Niagara Falls imitation to the floor. Result? A minuscule amount of coffee and a giant mess. It is a sort of an all-of-nothing deal. Paper towels used to sop it up were in the trash.

I began again re-checking my cup was where it was supposed to be. OK, I admit to being spoiled about coffee. Years ago I told Jerry not to get between me and my coffee in the morning. I only said it once. I also admit I have a lot of room for improvement.

Scenario #2. I cannot fill in the blank above with COFFEE. (This scenario may repeat / I could run out of my favorite coffee mate / the coffeemaker may quit.)

Deposit Photos . . . in real life, my book was a Bible.

I was very happy being a nurse. Of course there were good days and bad days. On smooth days in safe weather, it was a joy to be a Homecare / Hospice nurse. Plus I knew the Lord had called me to be a nurse out of 20 plus years of being a secretary / bookkeeper.

Jerry and I were on a fishing trip in Michigan. I was sitting on the dock reading with my Bible on my lap. Jerry was out in the boat doing what he did best. I always said he could catch fish in a rain barrel. I did not hear a voice as when God called me to be a nurse, but I knew the Holy Spirit was stirring the wind and my heart at the same time. I was reading

Paul's second letter to Timothy about his being appointed as a preacher and an apostle and a teacher. And I knew. I knew that the Holy Spirit meant me.

I thought of myself as a back-pew Baptist although we were attending Jerry's home Methodist Church. A back-pew Baptist sits in the back of the congregation and feels comfortable enough to raise her hand in worship and say 'Amen' out loud. But I did not see how I could ever preach.

Our church had just received a new female pastor so I went to her with my dilemma. I struggled until one Sunday I went to the front of the church and knelt when the altar call was given. My new friend and Pastor came right beside me and asked me what was I praying for? What did I want? I answered: Peace of mind. I needed peace of mind because I did not have any.

When I told the Lord yes, I will, that's when peace came. Obedience. He has something for all of us to do. I tried going to school and having a church and continuing nursing but it was too much. Jerry said, "something has to go and it is not going to be me!" So I gave up my job as a nurse. I did retire as a Pastor in June of 2013.

Scenario #3. I CAN fill in the blank with this . .


The 'being full' part is very important.

Ephesians 5:18 Don't be drunk with wine, because that will ruin your life. Instead, let the Holy Spirit FILL and control you.

We have an ALL-sufficient God.

Proverbs 3:17. (talking about wisdom . . God's wisdom). Her ways are pleasant ways and

ALL her paths are peace.

Now if it said 99%, you can be sure someone would say . . ok, I'll take that 1% chance.

But . . the text states ALL (100%) her paths are peace. It brings joy!

Tell me . . what are you FULL of? Does it give you peace?

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