Today, August 22, 2020 . . for the 1st time in my 73 year old life, I saw a TV commercial for a new med, Caplyta, for schizophrenia! Yes, there are other meds for this condition, but I don't think they have been advertised on television. Correct me if I am wrong . . anyone . . ?

When I went through the nursing program at Clark State for RN (and later BSN at Franklin), I could not wait for my clinical rotation in the psych ward. The subject fascinated me and I studied it. By the end of the rotation, I was so sad to see people at their worst. Most of all I was utterly distraught . . looking at assigned patient records . . that no one seemed to get better. It is a progressive condition.

My son had been diagnosed with schizophrenia soon after getting out of the Navy and being on his own. My daughter, Amber, and I traveled at one point to a court hearing for him. My husband, Jerry, and I visited him several times through the years. None of us knew what to expect with each visit. His behavior depended upon whether or not he was taking his meds. Period.

I am hoping and praying not only that this med is effective and available to the normal person . . . that there will not be price gouging. I am also praying that those who need such a med will not have severe side effects and that they will actually take the med as directed. My son, like many others, thought he was getting better and therefore did not need his med, and stopped taking it. Thus, he would relapse with an episode and the cycle would begin all over again. Except the last time . . was the death of him.

Back to my excitement over a TV ad for a mental illness med . . some people are ashamed to admit that they or their loved one has this condition. But it will always make headlines in the newspapers when a person with schizophrenia commits a crime.


Do NOT think you need to share

Do NOT think of copy and paste

Prayers are needed every day

Not one prayer would be a waste.

Prayers for love and understanding

Prayers the stigma be erased

Thank God for what health you have

Start today - let's be in haste.


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