Milan, Italy November 16, 2016. The Last Supper mural painting by

Leonardo daVinci from Renaissance late 1490's after restoration.

Jesus & His apostles on eve of his crucifixion. Photo by bennymarty

Scripture: Matthew 10:1 (part 2). Jesus called his 12 disciples to Him and gave them authority to cast out evil spirits and to heal every kind of disease and illness.

Last week I named all the disciples. You can find them in Matthew 10:2 if wanted.

Have you ever wondered about their personalities? Here are a few . .

Peter was well known as an extrovert.

James (the brother of Jesus) had calloused knees from praying. Paul asked him for advice 3 times.

John was the most "Christ-like" with love.

Matthew proved the old saying "once a thief - always a thief" was NOT true.

Judas was the only one not Galilean and betrayed Jesus with a kiss.

Andrew was forever bringing someone to meet Jesus.

Thomas . . . Jesus was fair with him, but most of us are not. Thomas wanted to

KNOW he KNEW. We all need that. (See 1 John.)

Nathanael thought NOTHING good could come out of Nazareth . . . but one look is all it took when he saw the face of Jesus.

In the 'end' the sweet Holy Spirit won them (except Judas).

Towns mean naught . . Presidents have come from log cabins . .

Men and women left to themselves amount to little.

But let the Love of God reach them (no matter the location), and they are changed.

The Disciples all had the Miracle of a character transformation.

Team Jesus spent the rest of their lives telling everyone they could about the love of God.

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