Not everyone has them, you know . . . but if you do, how well do you know them? I am asking for 2 reasons. The first is obvious if you watch the news. Neighbors are often interviewed after a crime is committed. Media wants to know what type of citizen the person or family was / is. Assorted answers follow:

He / she was quiet but friendly . . always waved . .

We talked a few times and he / she seemed nice.

Didn't really know him / her but they caused no problems.

Families or closely associated ones interviewed sometimes say:

I just can't believe they are responsible for that crime.

I know them well and they would never do that.

You have the wrong person . . you've made a mistake.

At the bottom of these issues is a truth:


How do men get away with having 2 or more wives in different locations plus children . . . without the families knowing about each other?

See above statement in CAPS.

How does a person get away with kidnapping a young girl and keeping her for himself hidden away for years?

See above statement in CAPS.

Let me back up and tell you a true story. I was sitting in a college class with a professor who was Jewish. I don't know which branch or any details except he told us he observed special days and class would be adjusted in accordance.

During one class he looked straight at me, called me by name and then asked: What will happen to Jeffrey Dahmer when he dies? Heavy sigh from me.

There were I think a dozen of students in this class and I was probably the oldest. All eyes were on me and the proverbial pin drop would have been appropriate. I told the professor that either of the following would happen:

Jeffrey would become a Christian and then his penalty would have been paid by Jesus on the cross of Calvary. If he had not become a Christian, he would have to pay for his own sin after he died.

The professor made no comment, then continued on with the class. No one came up to me and said 'boo' after the class.

My point is that even though we cannot know a person very well or at all, God tells us all about Himself and His son Jesus in the Bible. You don't need to wonder. The Holy Spirit inspired men to write what God wanted to be written.

So here is my 2nd reason. If you get to know God and what He is like, it changes everything. You will never be the same.

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