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Christ is healing Peter's mother-in-law - mosaic in Cora Church, Instanbal. 10/11/2013

This incident is told in the first 3 New Testament Gospels in the original church. The only other story of a mother-in-law is about Naomi in the Book of Ruth in the Old Testament.

Jesus had just performed a miracle in the synagogue as it was the Sabbath. Now he would perform one at the house of Peter.

Scripture: Matthew 8:14-17

When Jesus came into Peter's house, He saw Peter's mother-in-law lying in bed with a fever. He touched her hand and the fever left her, and she got up and began to wait on Him. When evening came, many who were demon-possessed were brought to him, and he drove out the spirits with a word and healed all the sick. This was to fulfill what was spoken through the prophet Isaiah:

He took up our infirmities.

and carried our diseases.

Scripture: Mark 1:29-31

As soon as they left the synagogue, they went with James and John to the home of Simon and Andrew. Simon's mother-in-law was in bed with a fever, and they told Jesus about her. So He went to her, took her hand and helped her up. The fever left her, and she began to wait on them.

The Gospel according to Luke by G. Campbell Morgan: "He went quietly hone, and He went with Simon. There was a sick woman in that home, and Luke, the doctor, says she was holden with a great fever. This was a medical term of the times. In those times fevers were divided into two classes. They would have malaria a little fever and typhus a great fever. This woman was suffering from something virulent and dangerous. "They besought Him for her," which does not suggest that they had to persuade Him to act.

This Jesus went in as another doctor would, and stood over her; only He did what no other doctor could do, "He rebuked the fever" - the same word employed previously concerning the demon. He rebuked the demon. He rebuked the fever. I wonder how He did it. I do not know. I wonder if He said "Be muzzled," as He did to the demon, as He did to the winds and the waves. I think the devil was behind the storm. The devil may have been behind the fever. I do not know, but He rebuked it in the home, and the fever left her.

His healing was always perfect. When He healed somebody, that person did not have to be helped out of the synagogue, or off the platform.

Fever does not always leave us quite equal to doing that. When Jesus healed from a great fever, the woman got up, and went about her household work and she ministered to them. That was the afternoon of that Sabbath day. Jesus in the home as Healer."

A story from The Gospel of Matthew, The Daily Study Bible, Vol. 1, Wm. Barclay, p., 314

Christ came from a white plain to a purple city, and as He passed through the first street, He heard voices overhead and saw a young man lying drunk upon a window sill. "Why do you waste your soul in drunkenness?" He said, "Lord, I was a leper and you healed me, what else can I do?"

A little farther through the town He saw a young man following a harlot, and said "Why do you dissolve your soul in debauchery?" The young man answered, "Lord, I was blind and you healed me, what else can I do?

At last, in the middle of the city, He saw an old man crouching, weeping on the ground. When He asked why he wept, the old man answered, "Lord, I was dead, and you raised me into life, what else can I do but weep?"

That is a terrible parable of how some use their gifts of Christ and the mercy of God. Peter's wife's mother used the gift of her health restored to serve Jesus and to serve others. That is the way in which we should use every gift of God.

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