Holmes and Rahe's Readjustment Scale

Select from the scale life events that have occurred during the past year.

Add all values to determine final score. (See bottom of page.)

Death of spouse 100

Divorce 73

Marital Separation 65

Jail term 63

Death of close family member 63

Personal injury or illness 53

Marriage 50

Fired at work 47

Marital reconciliation 45

Retirement 45

Change in health of family member 44

Pregnancy 40

Sexual difficulties 39

Gain of new family member 39

Business readjustment 39

Change in financial status 38

Death of close friend 37

Change to different line of work ` 36

Arguments with spouse 35

Mortgage or loan more than $10,000 31

Foreclosure of mortgage or loan 30

Change in responsibility at work 29

Children leaving home 29

Trouble with in-laws 29

Outstanding personal achievement 28

Spouse begins or stops work 26

Begin or end school 26

Change in living conditions 25

Revision of personal habits 24

Change in work hours or conditions 20

Move or change in residence 20

Change in schools 20

Change in recreation 19

Change in church activities 19

Change in social activities 19

Mortgage or loan less than $10,000 17

Change in sleeping habits 16

Change in no. of family gatherings 15

Change in eating habits 15

Vacation 13

Christmas 12

Minor law violation 11

Score Interpretation:

150-199 Mild Stress

200-299 Medium Stress

300+ High Stress: Associated with high rate of illness

See below for Six Ways Jesus Fought Depression by John Piper:

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