In the tradition of the Wesley Brothers, I have written words to the tune of a popular American song . . (Proud to be an American by Lee Greenwood). While I am proud to be an American, I am also sad to be an American today. We are the only country on this planet that has consistent periodic mass shootings, including those of school children while in school.

See music below to these words.

Who made, OK'd the rule for those age 18 to buy?

Who testified their brains would know "Thou shalt not kill"?

For all the countries on planet earth, we are the ONLY one.

Why do you not hesitate our babies blood to spill?

If tomorrow all laws stay the same, we'll vote against you, then

We'll vote against you every time - to keep our children safe.

Yellow, black, white and brown, this is the U. S. A.

Our flag still stands for freedom and not the NRA!

Since Sandy Hook lost babies, now Texas has young dead.

Will you forget their precious names as soon as they are read?

Do you have children Senators? or do you NRA?

Do they attend our public schools? Will God bless the U.S.A.?


I'm sad to be an American where children are not free

To go to school to learn and test but die before grade 3.

You people STAND UP! for your guns and protect the NRA.

AR-15s will still kill more. HOW CAN GOD BLESS THE U.S.A. ??

Joyce McKeever May 29, 2022

This is music only from YouTube by mrxchris.

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