Davey, Davey Crockett, king of the wild frontier! I wonder if all 70 something year old someones can sing that off the cuff? Or how about Mickey Mouse Club and the ears we wore? What's my point?

It has been said God has a natural law that who or what is the center of our attention is what we become. Think Hitler or gangsters / think Ghandi or Mother Teresa. Over the week-end I saw a blurb on POWER-COUPLES! I wonder what God thinks about that? No, I don't have to wonder . . I believe He would consider people like Mary and Joseph / Elizabeth and Zacharias to be Godly couples . . not power . . because power belongs to the Lord.

What about this generation of believers in Jesus? Has Covid brought about increased self-centeredness? Maybe, but there's a solution: we will become more and more like Jesus when we center our attention on Him.

Photo from Depositphotos. A Ferris wheel.

The one I have in mind Jerry and I saw at the Strawberry Festival in Florida prior to the turn of the century. We came across it on our walk described in last week's blog.

A large group of people were standing near the Ferris wheel. No one lined up to get on. They were talking, laughing and appeared to be happy. Music was loud and I didn't know the tune. After a few minutes, the man in charge went inside the tent. When he came back out, a new song was playing. I didn't know that one either. But the group of people lined up to buy tickets and got on. Hmmm . . was that just a rerun?

How DO we center our attention on Jesus? I'm afraid on any given day, our minds do not get any rest. An ad keeps coming on TV saying "do nothing for 60 seconds". I think it's for an app that is meant to be relaxing. Can you do nothing for 60 seconds? That includes of course no TV / no phone / no music / no talking / no internet / just do nothing.

There was an analogy for me years ago which helped. I would picture myself under an umbrella with Jesus. There was peace and safety under that umbrella. However, there were times when I realized I had stepped away. Something I thought or said or did was not right and I would go running back under that invisible umbrella.

We watched a portion of a documentary on Loretta Lynn last week. She sang "You're Not Woman Enough to Take My Man" and "Fist City" with regard to a wife with a cheating husband. But I remember when my former abuser brought a woman to our house for a round table discussion. She brought her sister and his Mother and my Dad was there. She was drop-dead gorgeous. After they left, I got down on my knees and told the Lord, "I cannot compete with her. I leave it in your hands".

But focusing on Jesus is different. We focus on Him alone. It won't work to TRY to be like Him. It won't work to try and imitate Him. The bottom line: it is by the Holy Spirit and it is done by God's grace. The Holy Spirit decides what He wants us to do and be. Then because of God's grace, it can happen. We must realize we ourselves do not have the power because then we would give ourselves the credit. We not only don't have the power and can't get it, we need to get to the point where we don't want it for ourselves. The power is the precious Holy Spirit within us when we are born again. See Philippians 2:13 and 2 Corinthians 4:11.

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