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WE NEED AN ANCHOR. Isaiah 26:3-4 / Timothy 3:1 / Hebrews 6:19

This lovely picture hangs in our sunroom / office in the condo. I first saw a black and white version in an old book Bible Readings for the Home published in 1942. It was passed down to me from Daddy. It is in question and answer form. When I was nursing I also saw a hand drawn version which resembled a patient in an 'AIDS' home. She was young and beautiful. Nevertheless, she was dying.

One of my parishioners (during the years I was a Pastor) knew I liked this picture and gave me a Large one (in an exquisitely formed golden frame) she found in a downtown store. She is kind and generous. I treasure it because (to me) it represents salvation as well as growing in the Christian life. Trusting what Jesus did for us is the only way to heaven as per scripture. Our Heavenly Father decides what pleases Him and that was the life-blood of Christ. When we are saved the Holy Spirit lives within us and is our Hope and stay. Only with His help can we live the Holy life that God wants for us.

In our beloved country, the United States of America, I believe ALL of us want to remain independent. It is ingrained in us since childhood. We want our own way!

Shouldn't we want our own way? Maybe you are thinking . . but I think up ideas to get my own way . . I work hard to get my own way . . I plan ahead to get my own way. (Yes, Frank Sinatra's song "I did it My Way" pretty much is one of the most popular American dreams.). To answer my own question, shouldn't we want our own way? . . the answer is NO! We should want God's way.

Isaiah 53:6: All of us like sheep have gone astray,

Each of us has turned to his / her own way.

but the LORD has caused the sin of all of us

to fall on Him (Jesus).

And that my,friends, is why the Gospel is called the Good News!

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