See the pillow in the above picture? It has the word 'Peace' in pink. It has been

'lost' for at least 2 months. Husband Jerry and I have discussed it countless times as to what in the world did I (Joyce) do with it? It is my favorite pillow for that chair.

Is it because it's pretty? Yes, but that's not the main reason.

It is because it was a gift from a wonderful couple when I pastored? Yes, but that's not the main reason.

The main reason is it's the perfect fit for my back and very comfortable.

We had given up finding it and I looked through catalogues and on line but how can you 'feel' a pillow by looking at it from afar? You can't. Anyhow, I found it securely tucked in the back of the chair way down low where my hand was looking for my phone at the time. (Yes, I found the phone too but not there.)

This is what is written in the top left corner:

RUN, AARON, RUN. (Aaron is my son.)

Designed and quilted for Joyce by her sister April on the event of Christmas 2001 to remind us of the joys of childhood. Now that I have told you that, I need to show you the other side of the quilt:

This has even more significance to me since Aaron died in June of 2020. My blog has details if you are interested. It tells how he was UNSHACKLED from mental illness. I know he has now met Jesus face to face. That brings me to the point of the pillow. It was there all the time. That's what Jerry said today. I found the pillow 2 days ago and he told me there must be a story there somewhere.

Have you ever heard the story of a man who appeared and lived as a poor man? When he passed, they found $$ stashed under the floor boards which would have allowed him to live a more comfortable life if he had made some even very low cost purchases. Those $$ were there all the time. He could have had many 'creature comforts'.


God is there for us all the time. There is even a hymn, "He was there all the time." Instead of ignoring Him or thinking you will have time for Him some day, why not pray today / confess your sins today / welcome Him into your life today / and your will receive comforts that are out of this world.

Will everything in your life be fixed? Will you become rich and famous? Will the person you love . . the one who got away . . now love you back? / . . not necessarily, but you will be ready to face this life no matter who wins the election . . no matter what happens between Ukraine and Russia . . no matter who or what is on the top of your list that you are worried about . . there's another song that says

The things of earth will grow strangely dim . . . in the light of His glory and grace. TURN YOUR EYES UPON JESUS is the Title.

Mind how you go . . . Why? Because God minds how you go . . and He minds how I go . . Love & Prayers until next week . . . bye

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