I can count the number of times we have eaten inside a restaurant on one hand . . . since the spring of 2020. This week we saw a couple we knew at a restaurant after Jerry had a Dr. appointment. My husband shared how the Lord had given him a miracle by saving his life by surviving two mortar rounds in VietNam and again in 2020 by the early detection of pancreatic cancer.

Have you had a miracle given to you?

I consider it a miracle that the Lord gave me a Christian husband, thus far 25 years, 1 month and 6 days. He was a bachelor when we married. He puts up with me and I have learned a lot about what it takes to be a good man while here on planet earth.

A good man can be tempted . . temptation itself is not a sin . . giving in to the temptation is.

The Genealogy of Jesus Christ has many miracles in it.

The most well known is His birth. As per the Apostles Creed, He was born of the Virgin Mary. Joseph accepted what an angel told him with regard to Mary being pregnant by the Holy Spirit. That is also a miracle.

Rendition of Mary's husband, Joseph, with Jesus as a toddler. What think ye?

Women are in the genealogy of Jesus and what women they were! . . and what they did! It was not normal to find names of woman in Jewish genealogies. At that time women had no legal rights / were not considered a person, but a thing . . a possession of either their father or husband and at a male's beckon call to do his bidding! One scholar called this genealogy a phenomenon.*

Rahab was a prostitute of Jericho. (Joshua 2:1-7). Not usually frightened of men, she did feel fear when she opened her door to two Israelites. She hid two Israelite spies from the king of Jericho, then lied about where they were. The spies promised her if she tied a cord of scarlet thread in the window and let it down, she and her family would be protected. She did believe the God of Israel was the true God. The scarlet cord would enable the Israelites to identify the house they were to spare.

Ruth was a Moabitess, not even Jewish. (Ruth 1:4). There was a law against any Moabite being able to enter into the congregation of the Lord, even to their tenth generation! Moabites were hated by the Jews. At some point, Ruth knew her decision was not choosing between families or nations. She prayed to Naomi's God Jehovah and turned her back forever on Chemosh.

Tamar in Genesis 38 deliberately hid her identity and sold herself as a prostitute to her father-in-law. He later stated in verse 26 "She is more righteous than I, inasmuch as I did not give her to my son Shelah". (Reading the entire story will make more sense to you.)

Judah left his signet ring, cords and staff with Tamar until she could be paid.

Bathsheba was seduced by David who then had to cover his tracks as she became pregnant. He ordered his top military man to put her husband into the heat of the battle and then PULL BACK everyone else. Uriah was his name and he was killed. God was not pleased . . (1 Kings 14:4-5). David then took Bathsheba to live with him as one of his wives.

These are incredible people to be in the genealogy of Jesus, are they not? And yet, here at the beginning we see the separation of the ranks crumbling down.

Two of these women were Gentiles, not Jewish.

Women are named in spite of no legal rights, etc. as per the paragraph above marked phenomenon *. For God so loved the world . . and the people in it . . both women and men.

Jesus said, "I did not come to call the righteous, but sinners." Matthew 9:13c. Thus the mixture of saint and sinner.


The reason Jewish people were so caught up in genealogies was simple. More than anything else, it was mandatory that their lineage be pure . . purely Jewish. If not, a man lost what was more important to him . . his right to be called a Jew. Such a person was considered "polluted". In our day, we see rivers and bodies of water which are "polluted".

The genealogy records were kept by the Sanhedrin. Herod the Great had these records destroyed to prevent his own being called into question.

Here's the wonderful part that Matthew was so glad to have studied:

The line of Jesus Christ could be traced back to Abraham.

It also showed that Jesus was the 'son' of David. The New Testament often points this out. It was the common people who called Jesus the son of David. It was their dream that one day a descendant of David would free them from the Romans.

They had the wrong idea, didn't they? Jesus didn't come to free them from the Romans. Jesus came to free us ALL from sin. Do you believe that? Do you believe the Word of God?

I have used the example before of . . what if you were picked up for speeding and tomorrow you need to show up in court? What would you wear . . would you stand up straight and tall? What would you say if you had a chance to talk? What would you say to a lawyer?

When that gavel hits the desk, it does not matter what you said or didn't say. The sentence has been given and cannot be taken back. Your punishment is written in stone, so to speak. You must comply and do what was ordered.

It will be the same with God. For instance, He won't say . . I think that is the person who killed Jon Benet Ramsey . . He knows beyond the shadow of a doubt.

Are you sure you are a Christian?

If not, go to the main page of this blog and scroll down toward the end . . there is a post called


Click on that and it will take you from this site to a different one where you can read, take your time and go from page to page and make a decision. It will be making a decision even if you do not choose Jesus because if you do not, then you are still automatically on the decision side against Him. Do you understand? If not, talk with someone you know is a Christian or a pastor or e-mail me with questions.

God loves you and has been waiting for you to come to Him. The Lord draws you with the cords of love. (Hosea 11:4)

Each of us must confess our sins and turn away. It is an individual action.

The person who told me years ago that we can take our children to Heaven with us is tragically wrong. (He was quoting a Christian comedian.).

The person who told me each of us would always get a second chance to choose Jesus right before we died was also wrong. (There may be death bed conversions, but no guarantee . . that's why scripture says NOW . . see below:

Scripture states NOW is the time each of us individually must decide. (2 Corinthians 6:2) Each child, each adult at some point in their life must decide yes, I want you Jesus. What have you decided?

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