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After I was saved I frequented a local Christian Book Store down town. My first purchase was The Christian's Secret of a Happy Life by Hannah Whitall Smith. I was so impressed I purchased 20 and gave them away! (Yes, 20!). My opinion has not changed. The paperback cover has been taped but lost its stickiness. The pages have yellowed as a newspaper and marked with colored pencils and pens. Sticky notes are sticking out just as the above picture shows. Favorite page numbers are listed in the front.

Ironically, by reading other books, I find some of my own life experiences have been similar to hers.

Hannah divided the book into 3 parts: The Life / Difficulties / Results.

The Life chapter headings are Is It Scriptural? / God's Side and Woman's Side . . ok it does say man's side but I don't think the book police will come after me / The Life Defined / How to Enter In.

In the Difficulties Section Hannah has listed Consecration / Faith / The Will / Guidance / Doubts / Temptation / Failures / Is God in Everything?

Finally under Results you will find: Bondage or Liberty / Growth / Service / Practical Results in Daily Life / The Joy of Obedience / Divine Union / The Chariots of God / The Life on Wings.

If any of the above speaks to you, try it.

If any of the scripture that it leads you to speaks to you, STAND ON IT! It's the only thing that doesn't move!

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