Lauren Daigle Saw a Vision

Lauren was 15 when she became very sick. It was finally diagnosed as "cytomegalovirus virus which is a nasty, strong cousin of mono" from Guidepost magazine dated January 23, 2019. The title was Lauren Daigle: God Showed Me My Future! Just google to read the entire article. Home was Lafayette, Louisiana. Lauren is quoted as saying the worst part was she was too weak to sing.

Lauren's Mom picked up a devotional book for Lauren called One Minuteue of Praise by

Darlene McCarty. (FYI: this book's forward is written by Paula White. I cannot endorse Paula White but that does not stop me from reading the book. I know others disagree and would not even read the book. I object. No book is perfect except the Bible. Therefore, I believe many other books can be read with good drawn from it. Just take and enjoy what you agree with and leave the rest behind. In my humble opinion, refusing to read a book in such a case as this is similar to throwing out the baby with the bath water.)

The book is about praising God. Lauren was quoted as saying a minute was about all she had the strength length for.

P S. Lauren's vision came true!

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