LIFE AT THE CROSSROADS . . Do you see only one side has Light?

I talked to a DP&L guy once about electricity . . . . he really tried to explain it to me, but I could not grasp the technicalities. How about you?

However, not understanding it does not keep us from enjoying the benefits of having it. Plus, we are using faith when we flip the switch that we believe the light or gadget will come on.

Scripture: Jesus said, "Enter through the narrow gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it." Matthew 7:13-14

These two verses are crucial and speak to faith and usefulness. It's as though He has finished and is asking, "OK, so what is your final answer? Is that your final answer?" Sound familiar?

Please note that Jesus is not talking on a philosophy and college level. He is, of course, the most intelligent man who ever lived! The secular world thinks of Einstein but it is Jesus! Mark 12:37 states "The common people heard Him gladly." It is not understanding that lacks, it is accepting and then 'following' Jesus.

Just as many of us cannot understand electricity, we can accept how it works and respond to the bills and take action . . pay them on time. When my daughter was in dire straits, we paid her electric bill personally on the phone with the company. She accepted that gesture and then tried to stick to a budget.

Jesus is confronting us in this passage. It is both an invitation and a warning.

A poem by John Oxenham:

"To every man there openeth

A way and ways and a way;

And the high soul treads the high way,

And the low soul gropes the low;

And in between on the misty flats

The rest drift to and fro;

But to every man there openeth

A high way and a low

And every man decideth

The way his soul shall go.*

*The Daily Study Bible, Gospel of Matthew, Volume 1 by William Barclay

I recently heard people saying they didn't know if there was some sort of afterlife.

My response was to tell them we all have an expiration date . . and that the only part of us (the most important part of us) that goes on living after death . . is our soul that is within us. It is eternal. Jesus in our heart makes the difference between where we spend eternity. Thus the scripture for today is speaking of which path you take . . the one with Jesus or the one without Him.

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