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NIX: to stop, forbid, or refuse to accept something. Cambridge English Dictionary

It was close to Christmas and I missed my son (again). It especially hit me when I heard the song "Blue Christmas". No, I would never let it play if I could turn it off. But it was played in stores, on TV and radio. One year I wrote different words for the melody made so famous by Elvis and read them at church. I have searched all my SanDisk data travelers to no avail. So, I wrote a new one today. Instead of Blue Christmas, I called it Blest' Christmas.


We'll have a blest' Christmas this season

We'll sing the old sweet carols 'bout Jesus

A tiny table tree is enough for you and me

Instant pot Apple Cake with cool whip will be key.

And when those white snowflakes start fallin'

That's when our best memories are callin'

We'll be doin' all right with Jesus by our side

And we'll have a Blest' Merry Christmas.


Below is a video instrumental only of the song . . try singing my words instead of the ones Elvis sang. (Apologies to my '2nd mother' who loves Elvis.)

This is where you can find the recipe for the Instant pot Apple Cake: (we both like it warm with sugar free / lactose

free Vanilla ice cream)

Here is a site where you can listen to WOMEN reading the Bible: her.Bible

Instrumental only . . sing it with my Blest' Christmas . .

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