We watched the National News last night as usual. It has been a year since the death of George Floyd. His 6 year old daughter had been directed to "Say his name" at the beginning of that news segment. She quietly spoke his given name. But I don't think anyone would have been surprised if "Daddy" came out instead. "My Daddy". She is a remarkable little girl.

The above photo shows one of God's names. Adonai is more than a name. Adonai is actually plural and is used over 400 times in the Bible. Adonai speaks of a relationship. It is God's total possession (me) (you) and total submission. Does that sound scary to you?

The first use in the Bible was Genesis 15:2. Abram addressed God as Adonai or Master. A Master has the right of possession and the one concerned is charged with submission to God, his or her Master.

We were bought with a price . . the blood of Jesus. We are not our own. This name challenges every person who calls God "Lord" to be willing to live in a way that demonstrates His Lordship.

Is He your Lord? Do you allow Him to direct your life?

Does that question make you shudder? My Daddy passed away this year close to 1 century old. The hallmark of his personality was Independence. I imagine many of us would need to admit to that. Remember Frank Sinatra's song "I did it my way"? Have you ever thought well, I do want my own way, I think up ideas to get my own way, what's wrong with that? Shouldn't I want my own way? No, we are to choose God's way.

I want you to picture yourself in a scenario. Just please work with me here. Let's imagine that you were picked up for speeding today and are instructed to go to court tomorrow. Perhaps you blew it off until lying in bed, trying to go to sleep. Now you are working hard to figure out what to wear / how to act / what the judge will say? . .

Will they state there is evidence that yes, you were speeding and have a large fine to pay? You think of some very good explanations and are confident until standing in front of the judge. Then it hits you that the Judge is very much in control and what he says . . goes. Your confidence fades into the background and you try to prepare yourself for whatever is going to come.

One day we will all stand in front of God. We will either be welcomed with open arms or be relegated to Hell, as Jesus asked in scripture "Why do you call me "Lord, Lord and not do what I say?" Hell is mentioned 160 something times in Scripture plus 70 times by Jesus.

The Bible speaks of fearing God. I have heard it explained at having respect. (That certainly includes not swearing.). Do you have respect for gravity? I don't think any of us want to jump off a tall building to test it. When you are climbing a lot of steps, do you hold onto a railing or just bound up, half jogging. If it's the latter, are you still careful as you go?

Some people do not invite Jesus to rule over anything.

Some invite Jesus to reign over a small area.

Some give Jesus reign over everything He has authority over - which is everything!

Listen, please to this song . . Come to Jesus . . .

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