Text: Matthew 10:1-4 New Living Translation. Jesus chooses His men.

Jesus called His twelve disciples to Him and gave them authority to cast out evil spirits and to heal every kind of disease and illness. Here are the names of the twelve apostles:

first Simon (also called Peter)

then Andrew (Peter's brother)

James (son of Zebedee,

John (James's brother),




Matthew (the tax collector),

James (son of Alphaeus),


Simon (the Zealot),

Judas Iscariot (who later betrayed him).

For my husband, Jerry, and other who survived VietNam, the name of that country is more than a name. It is an emotion.

For those named above who were at Gethsemanee or Calvary or by the empty tomb . . these were not only names. Each one stands alone as an emotion. These 12 men were chosen before the Sermon on the Mount. See Mark 3:13-19 &

Luke 6:12-17.

Does that mean they are important? Well, try this verse on for size:

And the wall of the city had twelve foundations, and in them the names of the twelve apostles of the Lamb. Revelation 21:14

They are the foundation stones of the Christian Church. When we study them, we can learn what apostleship meant for them and what discipleship means for us. Their names are recorded on lists in Matthew / Mark / Luke & Acts.

Today their names can be found in every part of the world. You can find them on churches, hospitals, nursing homes, soup kitchens and of course on people . . for instance, boys . . (look at the list above)! There are traditions and legends about each one. Ancient stories often have had some historical origins.

They were ordinary men. But they could do ordinary things extraordinary well.

Jesus called them.

They had:

no wealth

no academic background

no social position

Jesus called them / invited them / offered them work to do.

They were free to accept or refuse.

When they accepted, Jesus appointed them. They were His disciples. The word 'disciple' means learner. They were called to be apostles (Mark 3:14 / Luke 6:13.) The word 'apostle' means one who is sent out. It is the word for an envoy or an ambassador.

They were called to be heralds of Christ. They are bidden to preach (Matthew 10:7). The Christian is the herald of Jesus Christ.

At the end of Matthew Chapter 9, Jesus tell His disciples that the harvest is great but the laborers are few. Then He instructs them to pray about that. Then what? Jesus is telling them they are being sent out. Prayer is first but 'go' is next. He would always have us first pray and then go.

I remember being at the altar when Pastor Anita was still at our church. She came to me and asked what I wanted for prayer. I had been struggling with God's call to preach. I was happy as a nurse and was a back pew Baptist . . just sit in the back and every once in a while, say 'Amen'. I told her I needed peace. My mind and heart were in a turmoil and I needed peace. She prayed for me and I prayed too. Then came the day Pastor Anita was going out of town and she asked me to preach for her. I walked from the house to the church and I was afraid. But the Holy Spirit whispered to me, "Be not afraid of their faces, for I am with you to deliver you." (Jeremiah 1:8). I calmed down immediately and gave His message that Sunday.

That's why the 12 disciples were successful! Jesus (when He went back to heaven) sent the Holy Spirit who fell on them while they were meeting. Seven weeks had passed since Jesus was resurrected. (See Acts 2:1-4). Surrender to Jesus and the Holy Spirit will come to live in you as well. May it be so.

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