Please read MATTHEW 27:11-26 NLT Jesus stands before Pilate.

A custom allowed the people to choose one prisoner to be set free. They chose Barrabas instead of Jesus. (Pilate's wife had sent him a message that she had a nightmare about Jesus and He should be released.) Pilate gave into the majority of the people, washed his hands publicly and stated, "I am washing my hands of this man's blood." THEATRICS!! Pilate was a coward. He sent Jesus to Herod. Herod sent Him back. Pilate asked Jesus, "What is truth?" He knew what truth was, but he was afraid of it too. Did Pilate ever get his hands clean?

Ukraine is front and center in Current Events. The courage of the people is

"wake-up admirable"! I also admire President Zelenskyy for staying with his people. Not all presidents stay with their people. One said go ahead and I will follow you and be with you, but he didn't.

If you are thinking, yes, but President Zelenskyy is in a secret place taking cover. That is true but Putin's bombs can hit him at any time, day or night. President Zelenskyy is not really "safe".

There is one thing that President Zelenskyy said that I cannot agree with. I'm not sure of the exact quote but he inferred if the U N didn't meet his requests - that the blood of his people would be on the U N's hands. That is not for him to decide. God decides / God knows / God cannot be tricked or duped - God knows now and He will not forget whose hands have what blood on them.*

If Putin's war leads to a nuclear war, many of us will die. Do you know for sure where you will go after death? It won't be because of the following:

You always went to church

You tithe your income

You are better than your neighbor

You give away $$ all the time

You were raised in a church and baptized and pray every day

You keep the 10 commandments

The good you do outweighs the bad you do

Finally and most importantly, what can save us all is the blood of Jesus Christ, God's Son. He lived the only perfect life on this earth that has ever been lived. Therefore, his death satisfied God as payment for our sins. But we must accept what Jesus did and believe in him and have faith.

Talk with a Christian or call a Pastor and make sure that you are saved.

I don't mean to sound like chicken-little . . that the world is ending and the sky is falling, but it kinda does look like it might . .

*My about page on this blog states it is not a political blog. I even told a prominent woman from church years ago that "I don't do politics". If my calling this post and last week's post 'current events' is really politics, then so be it.

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