As Essential Workers during this Pandemic, hospital staff will never be looked at the same. Neither will they ever be the same. Essential indeed! It grieves them every time a person dies. Of all the scenes on TV inside any space in the hospitals across the country, I have only seen a pastor with a patient once. Deprived of loved ones due to the circumstances, many go into eternity alone. "Which eternity?" my nurse and pastor heart ask.

Jesus told Nicodemus in John 3:7 NAS

"Do not be amazed that I said to you, 'You MUST be born again'.

The word MUST in the Bible is Strongs G 1163 and is given two words in the definition:

Necessary. Essential. Being born again is The Essential Must.

As a Hospice nurse, I saw a difference in patients who were born again and those who were not. As a Pastor I heard parishioners say "I hope so" with regard to heaven. I also noticed a difference at funeral services in those who had assurance their loved one was in heaven.

The Bible teaches we can have assurance from the Holy Spirit that we belong to God. Do you have that assurance? It is not attained by doing good works. It is not given in exchange for faithful church attendance or weekly giving. It is only by repentance for sin, faith in Jesus and acceptance of His death on the cross for us and then choosing to walk down a road to a new life. If you can speak of an experience you had in the past but have not changed, I ask you to re-evaluate that experience and your current life.

Am I saying I always know who is saved (born again) or not? No. No. Scripture states even satan can turn himself into an angel of light. When it comes to spiritual things, we need to be on our guard. I had a friend who told me what happened immediately after she was married. They entered the house and her husband told her that she could take her little god and go sit in the corner with him. She believed this man was saved. He was not.

The point is to make sure in this life now . . . before you go into eternity . . that you truly are born again. Do you have a thirst for God . . for His Word . . do you have any peace during this Pandemic? If you are unsure, reach out to someone who can help.


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