Isn't she beautiful? This is Queen Latifa who is starring in a new TV series "The Equalizer".

We caught a portion of it last Sunday night and heard her say "I'm who you call (for help) when you can't call 911". It appears she used to work for the CIA, but now she's on her own as a vigilante but trying to spend more time with her daughter. The name of the program is what caught my attention. For years I saw what I considered "The Great Equalizer": the hospital bed / the hospice bed / any bed at home with a Hospice patient in it. Money / intelligence / good looks / fame / education / you name it . . it is the death bed that is The Great Equalizer.

Most of my photos come from Deposit Photos but the drawing below I cut out and cannot remember from whence it came . . . in order to give credit . . .

I can talk all day about Hospice patients, giving examples, warnings, etc. But today is the beginning of Lent. Some of you may not know what Lent is. Catholics and Methodists and others, I'm sure do know. For those who don't . . it is the period of 40 days prior to Easter when a person who loves God and loves Jesus will set aside extra time and effort to remember the pain and agony He endured for us. Without God's grace I am nothing . . and unable to help myself. But when we TURN to Him and accept what He did for us and believe, we can be saved.

These words are in the book of Ecclesiastes in the Old Testament.

Although the lyrics do say a time to hate . . if we are going to hate, we need to know what is it that God hates. The only way to know that is in scripture.

What does God think when He 'looks down' on us? There is a lot of suffering right now with Covid and many without any income. What does He think? You cannot say you are an atheist and then turn around and blame God for your suffering. Are you feeling anger, denial, depression, fear and helplessness?

Wouldn't you love to see beyond the grave so to speak and know what those who have gone before us are experiencing? Have you ever faced death? I did many years ago. The abuser killed the female dog but not the male, then held the gun to my head and said "call the police and when they get here, I will kill them". I said a prayer for the children, closed my eyes and said 'no'. The Lord caused the abuser to pass out, gun still in hand. He stayed in the same position until morning. I removed the gun from his hand and put it on the dresser. I did not hide it because I reasoned it would be quicker to die from a gun shot than to be beat to death.

I knew I was a Christian and where I was going. I was going to see Jesus. Not because I was a good person / not because of good deeds / but because I had accepted what Jesus did on the cross for me and for you . . . and because I believed.

My sister basically saved my life by talking me into going to a woman's shelter. As I talked with her on the phone it was as though I saw a tiny pin prick of light up above me. I seemed to be in a dark pit but that small light gave me hope. After joint 'Christian' counseling we divorced many months later. I asked him if he could promise to be faithful. He had been having multiple affairs. His answer was "How do I know what I'm going to do? I just live one day at a time".

What I want for you is to have the assurance and focus that no matter what happens, Jesus is there for you and is with you always. He promised. (Matthew 28:20). Promises in the Bible can give you that assurance. Then you will never be the same again. No, life won't take off and be this wonderful pollyanna happy face. Becoming a Christian doesn't mean nothing bad will happen. But you can face anything this world or life or satan throws at you with Jesus at your side. That is what I want you to have.

Until next time . . . mind how you go . . know why? Because God minds how you go and He minds how I go. Love & prayers . . . Joyce

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