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Prayer: Open our eyes, Lord, to see the truth of Your Word. Amen

The Title refers to Blood in the Bible which flows like a Scarlet River throughout the Word of God from beginning to end.

Now don't be saying "Yuck! I don't want to hear about blood!"

Listen: If you watch TV . . . it's on dramas and all over the news.

There's a mystery to it. In Genesis 4:9-10 after Cain had killed Abel . . God confronted Abel and told him "Listen - the voice of your brother's blood cries out to me from the ground".

Blood cries out?! The translation is SHRIEK! Mystery! Blood is both mysterious and sacred.

Years ago a man told me when he thought of his youth and all his sin, all he could say was "I PLEAD THE BLOOD!" He meant he could not undo or change his past. He was trusting in the Blood of Jesus to cover those sins.

Leviticus 17:11 LIFE IS IN THE BLOOD! Wait . . Wait a minute. Blood is a link between matter and Spirit? Blood is a link between a physical substance and the Spirit? Another mystery! If every organ in our body was working 100% . . without problems . . but all the blood drained out . . our life is gone. This scarlet red and sticky earth-stuff you see plastered on TV has the value of life.

My sister is a nurse anesthetist. (Now happily retired). Many years ago she worked in Southern Ohio in the E. R. A man came in with a snake bite and the snake. No one recognized the snake. Staff started looking in a book to identify the snake . . . and the man became upset . ."you mean you don't know which antidote to use? What kind of an E. R. is this?" One staff member said "Listen - do you want the correct antidote or not?" Staff found a picture that matched the snake and gave him the antidote and he lived.

Do you know how antidotes were made back then? A scientist would milk the venom out of a particular snake and inject it into a horse. The horse was so large, it didn't get sick. The horse's blood begins to overcome . . and when its blood has built up all the antibodies for the snake's venom, they extract some and make it into a serum. Then anyone who is bitten by that snake can get that antidote. Here's my point:

The Blood of Jesus is our antidote for sin. 1 John 1:7. The Blood of Jesus His Son cleanses us from all sin. Present tense . . continually cleanses us,

Now. When we become a Christian, our sins are forgiven . . why? Does God just overlook our sin? NO, NO & NO!! God in Holy and sin must be dealt with. God sent Jesus to take the punishment for our sins. That satisfied His anger against us.

Are you a Christian? Do you know for sure. If you are not, you do not even realize you were snake bit. Therefore you won't go to the E. R. and you are not the antidote.

Now, finally, Blondie B and Mrs. C. A RN visit. I was assigned for Homecare to draw blood from a woman in her 60's and do an assessment . . see how she was doing and take her vitals. I always did the assessment first because after you draw blood, the hospital wants it pronto . . ASAP,

It was small nice house . . but oh, so cluttered and crowded. She was sitting on the edge of one side of the couch. The rest of couch was crowded with stuff. Right in front of the couch was a long coffee table. I put my lab supplies on the arm of the couch and found a good vein in her arm. I had just inserted the needle when out of nowhere came a huge blonde shaggy lab dog. He didn't growl. He didn't bark. He squeezed himself into my already tight space until he was in front of me between Mrs. C. and me. Then he started pushing me back against the coffee table away from Mrs. C. He was strong and he kept pushing harder and harder. I'm not afraid of dogs and dogs usually like me, so I pushed back. But he was stronger than I was and he did not budge.

By this time I was sweating and stretched out as far as possible to keep my hold on the needle. I could not stop. I didn't have enough blood yet. If you take the lab an insufficient tube, you get a phone call . . . Joyce . . .there's not enough blood. You must go back and redraw the blood. So I held on for dear life.

The patient was telling Blondie "move". "move it"! But he would not. So even when I had enough blood, it was still difficult to dispose of the needle / hold pressure on her arm / put on a bandaid / label the tubes, etc.

When I got back to the car, I double bagged those tubes, put them gently in my cooler, then breathed a giant sigh of relief. Can you imagine how important that blood was to me? I did not want to drop the tubes, lose them or be late taking them back . . . anything to cause me to need to repeat that scenario. 1. Now, who was that blood for? I sweated over it and drew it and took it to the lab. The patient put up with being stuck. But primarily, it was for the Doctor. The patient cannot have it drawn / I cannot draw it / without a Dr. order. The Dr. ordered it to check on Mrs. C. condition.

Who was Jesus' blood for? First and foremost, it was for God. God ordered it. God has the right to say what is acceptable to Him. Scripture says the Blood of Jesus is precious to Him. The Blood of Christ is precious!

2. The blood I drew was also for the patient. A phone call later that day would tell her how to adjust her med or keep it the same. The Blood of Christ is also for us . . that's how we can be saved (born again - give our heart to Jesus) and that is how we are cleansed from sin.

When we understand that the Blood of Jesus satisfies God, it will remedy our guilty conscience. When will know He paid the price for us. When we do sin, we can count on the Holy Spirit to convict us (and He will) and we can confess it (1 John 1:9) which is a might powerful verse to memorize.

3. This is where the analogy breaks down . . . Blondie was not trying to kill me . . just protect his mistress. But our enemy, satan, is. He is like one of those vicious dogs trained to kill you see in the media. Jesus said satan is a thief who comes only to steal / kill / destroy, John 10:10. He will do anything to push us away from God. He never lets up. He keeps pushing and he is stronger than we are. We are no match for him and he will "hound us" . . pardon the pun . . until we die. He is the great accuser Rev. 12:10. When satan accuses a Christian at the Throne of God, Jesus says . . Father I paid for that sin and points to Calvary. The Blood of Christ is the only answer . . the final answer to satan's accusations. The Blood is strong enough for that. It is stronger than any virus . . stronger than any demon of satan himself . . strong enough for sin.

There won't be a notice from heaven that the blood will expire the end of this year.

God will never say there was not enough blood at Calvary. We don't have to wait on test results . . the Blood of Jesus will never change. It still covers our sin. Calvary covers it all. Jesus said IT IS FINISHED. Amen and Amen.

Lord, what you have done for us is just staggering. Someone . . come to Jesus. Now is the time. Talk to the Father before you go to bed and settle the matter tonight. Amen

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