Three Reasons to add Lauren Daigle to your Pandemic Playlist

Don't get me wrong . . I have Adele on my playlist . . can't find a better song to walk on the treadmill than "Rollin' in the Deep". But in times like these (The Pandemic) don't you want the words to have meaning too? I know I do.

Oh, Adele's words have meaning alright. But many of her meanings are sad, sad, sad. Turning Tables reminds me of an X-abuser when I hear the words "you always say more' and 'under your thumb, I can't breathe'.

How about When We Were Young and Hello? Those words 'both of us are running out of time' speak to lost loves. That deep yearning can cause heavy anxiety. You want anxiety to end by living those days again. That's not possible. And why do you want to be with someone who left you in the first place? They could not be trusted then. What makes you think they can be trusted now? It's time to get out the sign:

Adele's song Don't you Remember talks of rejection . . surprise rejection at that. She didn't see it coming. Anybody relate? No matter how long ago it was when you were rejected, it is darn difficult to forget, isn't it? Yes, we must forgive . . How? That's a different post.

REASON ONE: forgive & forget abuse vs Remember what God says about us

Turning Tables by Adele vs. You Say by Lauren Daigle:

Lauren's song You Say describes how God loves us even when we don't feel a thing / God says we are strong (with Him) when we think we are weak / the only thing that matters now is what God thinks of us.

REASON TWO: forget rejection vs Remember God will Rescue you

Don't you remember by Adele vs. Rescue by Lauren Daigle

REASON THREE: forget anxiety vs. Remember to Trust in God

When We Were Young and Hello by Adele vs. Trust in You by Lauren Daigle

Lauren's song Trust in You

God knows what tomorrow brings = there's not a day ahead He has not seen. He CAN be trusted. Trust Him.

Next Post: A story about Lauren which was published in Guideposts Magazine

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