No, it doesn't look like me, but the window is in the approximate correct place. However, the window was not sectioned out. It was a very tall window and went down almost to the floor. We lived in an old 2 story farmhouse. It was summertime and the screen was in with a gentle breeze blowing over me when I went to sleep. The bedroom was on the 1st floor.

I DID NOT want to wake up! I was tired and I needed my rest. I don't want to wake up! But something was trying to wake me up . . . I needed my rest to go to work tomorrow . . I really did not want to wake up . . . but . .

There was a flashlight shining on my face! It was coming from outside my window! What in the world? A deep voice called my husband by name. "Is _____ home?" I looked out the window and recognized the officer. I said, "No." "Do you know where he is?" the officer continued. Again, I said "No." I think the officer then apologized for waking me up. I think he did. I'm not sure.

I listened for "footsteps" upstairs in case the children were up . . . but no sounds came.

I could hear the sound of the officer's car quietly crunching the gravel, then picking up speed down the country road toward town. I reasoned that he didn't want to come in and search because there was only one vehicle on the property.

That was a bizarre experience! My mind started going in all directions but I knew I desperately needed sleep. I began to say to myself out loud one of my go-to scriptures: "What time I am afraid, I will trust in Thee." Psalm 56:3 KJV

I said it over and over until I was calm enough to just go over it in my mind. I fell asleep. Thank you Lord.

My 2nd attempt at verses were in alphabetical order. (When the Ernst & Ernst guys came to where I worked to check the books, they complained about my handwriting.) ? ?

This was a verse I had often practiced because I wasn't 'allowed' to lock the door. The door was old and so was the lock. It took a Skeleton key to lock or unlock it. My abuser would come home drunk and be unable to unlock the door, thus the order.

An old door key.

Would you consider that fair? To have the family sleep with an unlocked door? No, neither did I. But living with an abuser is like walking on eggshells. If you are living with an abuser, please google 'help for abuse'. I almost didn't live to tell about it.

I tried to teach my children that "life in general, is not fair". I know they got tired of hearing that sentence. So, the answer to the above Title is TRUE. It is all true.

What would you do if something very scary happened to you? Maybe it already has. God's Promises are true. He is faithful to His Word. Below is a copy of what good friends sent to us in a card recently. Jerry said he thought he had seen it in a hotel room inside a Bible.

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