Apologies to my favorite English teacher, Mrs. P., for the poor grammar of the Title.

"Twiggy" was not my first thought when I saw her. My first thought was "ineffably sad".

(That's to impress Mrs. P).

She had reason to be sad. She insisted she had committed the unpardonable or unforgivable sin of the Bible in Matthew 12:22-32 / Mark 3:22-30 / Luke 12:10.

Jesus said it was blasphemy against the Holy Spirit.


She 'Twiggy" would not tell me what she had done. I asked her how she knew and was so sure. She replied that she looked it up on the internet.

I looked it up in my Ryrie Study Bible NAS and it said in the footnotes "the special circumstances involved in this blasphemy cannot be duplicated today. Therefore, this sin cannot now be committed. John MacArthur states the sin He was confronting was the Pharisees deliberate rejection of that which they knew to be of God. They could not deny the reality of what the Holy Spirit had done through him, so they attributed to satan a work that they knew was of God.

Other scholars I am sure disagree. I am not a scholar.

The best explanation of what it means to commit the unpardonable sin was told to me by a pastor friend who heard it from his pastor friend:

When you walk away so far from the Holy Spirit that you cannot hear Him . . . that is the unforgivable sin. I assume that means that you walk away and never go back.

Dear sisters in Christ . . . this is so real to me. I just started to sweat and have cold chills at the same time just considering that scenario. I have listened to the Lord talk to me. I have also heard voices calling to me from the local cemetery "Help me . . Help us!" I thought to myself . . it is too late . . you have already died and I cannot help you. "Then tell others . . warn others!" That was one of the scariest moments I have ever encountered.

That is what I am trying to do with this blog. I am trying to warn you and others the Holy Bible is true. There is a heaven and there is a hell.

Some TV evangelists preach that everyone is supposed to be healthy and wealthy. That is a lie. Look at us in this modern day Pandemic. People are dying alone. Loved ones are dying without hearing the gospel one more time. Cities need refrigerated trucks to store the bodies. So many are dying and I think . . . did he know Jesus? . . . was she saved? . . .

As we look around our lives and our country and our world today, we need not only our earthly vision, we need spiritual vision. Being born again and growing brings spiritual vision and spiritual hearing.

Look at this picture. Each one of us as a woman has 3 parts = Our body, our soul and our spirit. Unfortunately in today's society, our body takes precedence. Our soul is our mind, will and emotions. Our spirit is where the Holy Spirit comes to live when we are born again. When that happens, our spirit is in charge in accordance with the Holy Spirit.

I never saw "Twiggy" again. I have prayed for her over the years and wonder what happened.

My favorite hymn.

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