TWIGGY & ME part 2

Not sure if this is the "real" Twiggy or not . . ? My pictures comes from Deposit Photo.

My previous post was about a girl/woman who looked like Twiggy . . at least to me. She drew her information from the worldwide web that she had committed the unpardonable sin. I could not convince her otherwise. She would not give me any personal information or tell me what brought on her desperation. I got the feeling while talking with her that she had been abused.

Have I had doubts? Yes, of course. Some think when one becomes a Christian, your life will take off flying and grow rapidly in the Lord. That may happen at first but God Himself will slow you down.

Why? So growth will be healthy. It takes time to know ourselves. Self confidence has to go. It takes times to know Jesus. We must learn to lean on the Lord and not on ourselves.

It seemed I was growing fast after being born again, but then thought I knew a lot. (Pride goes before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall . . . God resists the proud and gives grace to the humble . . Proverbs 16:18 and James 4:6). That was the 1970's. Now I know for sure I don't know much, but still keep trying to learn.

When we have doubts, we think at times we are doubting ourselves, but actually we are doubting the Lord. Doubts and discouragements do not come from the Lord and they are not true.

I must have asked my daughter a hundred times . . who gets to choose what you think about? We do! We get to choose what we think about and we can turn our back on doubts as soon as they try to get in the door. They may yell and scream but they cannot hurt you if you do not let them in.

The first year or two after I was saved, satan would come to harass me . . saying things like:


Our enemy is LOUD . . and he nags. He is a nagger.

The Holy Spirit has never nagged a Christian. He is a gentleman. He is the Comforter. He has a quiet voice. Yes, He convicts us of sin. He does it quietly. He warns us of sin. But He is not a nagger. If something picks at you:

pick / pick / pick !! You can be sure it's satan. The enemy is the accuser.

Say out loud when the doubts come: I believe in You, Jesus. I believe in You, Father.

I believe in You, Holy Spirit. I believe in Your Word.

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