12/14/21 (yesterday) was the 9 year Anniversary of the Sandy Hook Massacre.

When the unthinkable happens close to Christmas, life can take on the rhythm of "Oh, no, it's getting close to Christmas and that's when it happens . . . memories flood your mind, your heart beats faster, breath becomes more shallow and you need someone to hold you upright . . .

I heard it described on TV yesterday about the location of the parents as they awaited news as to whether or not their child was still alive. One parent stated it was the "not-knowing" that was so hard.

One room contained the parents that would be reunited with their children. A separate room was filled with parents whose children were now with Jesus. I've been in both those rooms, so to speak, and they are both very hard.

Jonbenet' Ramsey was found on December 26, 1996. Her body was found but never the killer. I also think of Erica Baker who went missing February 7, 1999. Mr. Gabriel is the back story as he and his girlfriend claimed they were in a van when it hit Erica, then buried her. Gabriel spent 6 years in prison . . no body was ever found . . he refused to tell where he buried her . . then denied any connection at all. He moved to Florida when he was released from prison. The family wants the remains of Erica to take care of, have a funeral and a place to visit in the cemetery.

It is still a mystery.

But not for the Ancient of Days

Consider this name of God. It has always been seen as Judge. . not just significance in the past or in end times. This name is significant to us every single day we live . . every time we read the newspaper . . every time we watch the news on TV and tears come over something heinous.

The Ancient of Days connects heaven and new earth . . any time He speaks of days . . it is speaking of earth because it has something to do with time. When God said "let there be light" in Genesis "and the evening and the morning was the first day" from that point on, God has been Ancient of Days. He is the same Judge from Day 1 until the Day of Judgment. Daniel Chapter 7.

The Ancient of Days is our comfort and sense of justice when heinous crimes are committed and murderers and rapists go free. What do we do in that kind of world? We have an Ancient of Days. We never have to wonder, we never have to worry that someone just gets off scot free. God sees and He knows. He cannot be tricked and He knows when a person in not telling the truth. At no time does God wonder if He is remembering correctly . . was that the man that did it?

He doesn't even need to give a lie detector test. He knows what we all are thinking, just like Jesus knew what was in a man or woman when he was on earth.

After all is said and done, the Judge / the Ancient of Days will right every wrong. We can be patient, we can stabilize our hearts and we will be at peace.

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