When Things are NOT What They Seem

Text: Matthew 9:37-38

He (Jesus) said to His disciples: "The harvest is so great, but the works are so few. So pray to the Lord Who is in charge of the harvest; ask Him to send out more workers for His field." New Living Testament

There once was a man from a town

Who married a girl from the city

She thought it was love, but he didn't know how

On his mind was babysitting!

She choked at the nights spent alone

She gagged on the smell when he's home

Alcohol steeped, but she didn't peep

She was raised in a no-fly zone.

She decided to try Alanon

Used for when tied to a drinker

He brought home a gun & put to her head

He really belonged in the clinker.

She left the next day for a (Woman's) Shelter

Her body and one case of clothes

Picked up at a store, she could not face more

Heart froze and mind full of lows.

She stayed there a week, maybe more

Her child with family and friends

She found an apartment close to her job

While he struggled to make amends.

He tried an AA meeting

& told her he was surprised

It's not what I thought, they showed me a lot

& now he thought he was wise.

He begged her come home

She countered . Be mine?

He answer the oath - how do I know?

I just live one day at a time.

Things are not as they seem

She told him Jesus the same

Oh, try Him and see, what you can be

He refused and that is a shame.

What think YOU, my friend?

Since this life will end . . .

Try thinking ahead, don't wait until death

The decision is now, do you not comprehend?

The moral of the story is things are not always what they seem. Just as the husband misunderstood the purpose of AA . . many think Christianity is a crutch or the Bible is not true. But . . God so loved the world . . . and Jesus died for you. (John 3:16)

For those who have already tasted of the Normal Christian Life . . . pray for workers . . or will YOU be a worker for Jesus?

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