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Young Chinese kids shielding their heads with hands rush downstairs during an earthquake preparedness & response exercise at a Kindergarten in Yangzhou City, east China's Jiangsu Province. May 2017

Sugarfree French Vanilla Liquid Coffee Creamer is my favorite. I shake it 7 times (7 is a good number in the Bible) before I measure it out. The news is not turned on until Jerry gets up. Then we must face all the shakin'goin' on in the world. You can be floored with just one newscast.

In Psalm 10 and 18 David praises God for protection with his own internal problems as well as God intervening with his external problems. In Psalm 57:1 David talks of hiding beneath the shadow of God's wings until the violent storm has passed. This was during the time David was in the wilderness hiding from Saul who was determined to kill him.

Violent storms do a lot of shaking, do they not? Are your storms internal or external? Either way, we can hide beneath God's wings until the storm passes. Does your spirit know such a familiar place under God's wings? Some call it 'your happy place'. Others say it is meditation. Deep breathing helps too.

At times mine is a remote fishing resort where we vacationed with Daddy and Joy in the past. A bench in the woods overlooks the lake where it's quiet and peaceful. In my imagination I can sit there and calm down when Jesus sits beside me. We watch Jerry fishing. A chipmunk runs over my shoe. I can hear the fish splashing and the birds singing. A soft breeze is stirring and I know it is the Holy

Spirit moving.

Do you have a place (in your imagination) where you can go today? Even just for a few minutes? Picture God's big hand over the room and talk to Him. He's waiting.

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